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PFA/FEP Lined Plug Valve

PFA/FEP Lined Plug Valve

The cock's open-close part uses hole tent to realize open-close action valve through the body and pole of valve rotation.The cock have simple structure and rapid open-close,little flow resistance.

1.Series of two types

1).X43F:the special-designed valve seat coat and steel tent compose the sealing auxiliary;the tent is stainless.

2).X43F46:the way of all valve and tent lined FEP,the exanded liner PEA,PCTFE and the contraposition ploy-benzene material with the top of 300 Deg C temperature to meet the requirement under all kinds of work conditions.X43F4 and X43F46 Lubricant cock valves have special rocker adjustable equipment and idea taper design.They possess the function of godd sealing performance,long life for usage and simultaneous in-outside sealing,the little coefficient of attrition and the active tent doesn't need lubricating.

3).X6D3F and X6C3F:The cock valve,combined weld port with socket weldport,is based on the X43F4,the class of pressure can reach ANSI 900Lb.

2.Characteristic of X43F:

1).The entranced window is designed as dual ways and sealing circle groove,it can produce enough sealing press when it is placed at the full open or full close,the sealingauxiliary reach to zero leakage.

2).Dual ways of groove sealing circle not only make the PTFE fix inside the valve but also absorb ini-deformation of liner coat because of the temperature change at the same time,the cleanse between the lining and cock improve the usage life of sealing surface.

3).The top of tuck bearing adopt PTFE and O circle to compose the adjustment washer,for this it will adjust the sealing press but also make the tent active move flexibly to ensure the sealing of in-outside and middle flange joint end.

4).The full sealing process almost has nothing to do with the inner pressure of the pipeline.

5.The PTFE lining material adopt various packing stuff according to temperature and work possess good lubrication and long life for usage.

3.Criterion of design

It adopts the standard of GB12240,API599,API6D

4.Drive mode:

Manual,power-driven,worm gear driven.