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DN200 Full bore Hydraulic control V-type ceramic ball valve

DN200 Full bore Hydraulic control V-type ceramic ball valve

DN200 Full bore Hydraulic control V-type ceramic ball valve

The DN200 Full bore Hydraulic control V-type ceramic ball valve is used in cellulosic ethanol raw material pretreatment device (process:Under the condition of post-treatment pressure, the valve is gap-type discharged).
Condition parameter:
1. Medium: corn stalks are cut, the length is between 30-50mm, accounting for 85%, after extrusion
completely softened.
2. Working pressure: 0. 8-1.2MPaG
3. Working temperature: 175-191C
4. Throughput: 4BDt/h (absolutely dry)
5. Medium concentration: 28-35wt%
6. Calculated bulk density of medium: 185kg/m2 (absolutely dry)
7. Opening and closing method (PLC control): gap opening and closing, 10-30S opening-one time, opening time 3-5
8. Quantity: 4

9. Requirements: Hydraulic fully lined full-bore V-type ceramic ball valve, wear-resistant, long service life, working stable.
Model related parameters
1. Model FUV900T-PN16-DN200-V ( 304 valve body + fully lined ceramic + hydraulic adjustment type execution:
2. Performance Specifications
Nominal diameter: DN200
Nominal pressure: 2. 0MPa
Strength test: 3. 0MPa
Sealing test: 2. 2MPa
Air tightness test: 0. 6MPa
Applicable temperature: 0- -220″C
Hydraulic adjustment type actuator: with separate control box, no need to install valve positioner.

High performance v port ceramic ball valve


The V-port full lined hard-seal ceramic control ball valves are applicable to a variety of pipes like Class15./300 and PN10-PN50,suitable for the controlling or cutting of medium in the high-wearing or corrosive working conditions.If select different materials,the valve can be applied to water,steam,oil,lime slurry,liquid chlorine,nitric acid,acetic acid,oxidizing substances,urea and other medium.

V-port valve ball and seat generate cutting force,when the medium contains fiber,solid particles or slurry,the valve will not be stuck and still maintains a good seal with zero-leakage.