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Ceramic Flow System Solutions

Ceramic Flow System Solutions

Technology Specification: 


Ceramic Flow System Solutions


Upon customers’ request

Pressure Rating

Upon customers’ request

Jacket Material

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Lining Material

ZrO2 Ceramics, Al2O3 Ceramics, Tungsten Carbide, Si3N4, Solid SiC

End Connection

Up on customers’ request

Typical Applications: 

In many pipelines and flow control systems, if end users have abrasion or corrosion problems, which will reduce service time of equipment. In addition, unexpected downtime is  a great loss for end user. In these cases, introducing ceramics material is a wise choice to solve these problems. 

Our material range includes 95% Al2O3 ceramics, 99% Al2O3 ceramics, 99.7% Al2O3 ceramics, 

ZrO2 ceramics, Solid Silicon carbide, Solid Tungsten carbide, Silicon Nitride, etc. Every material has 

its unique physical properties and chemical resistance. These advanced ceramic materials can be

 processed into different kinds of complex shapes to replace parts that have been damaged.

Fuvalve has rich experience in many severe applications and can provide professional ceramic flow

system solutions for specific applications which need urgent solutions.